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mything is your marketplace for 3D design, 3D printing and laser cut.

mything offers an online platform where designers from all over the world can upload their unique 2D and 3D designs for trendy jewelry pieces, cool accessories, home decoration or handy gadgets. Those objects are then not only produced in your region, either printed in 3D or be produced with laser cutting techniques, but you can personalize them with a name, a message or even an image on selected pieces.

News about mything

In Austrian and international media ...

mything holt sich vor dem Start 2,1 Millionen Euro mything: 2,1 Mio Euro Pre-Launch-Investment für Grazer 3D-Druck-Startup mything: Grazer 3D-Druck-Plattform bekommt 2,1 Millionen Euro Investment – schon vor dem Launch
Austrian 3D printing startup mything secures over €2 million in pre-launch funding Kapa Ventures backs €2.1m seed round for Mything Over 2 Million Euro In Pre-Launch Investment For Austrian 3D Printing Startup mything mything – 2,1 Millionen Euro Investment für Grazer Startup

... and 3D printing industry.

3D PRINTING ON DEMAND STARTUP MYTHING AWARDED €2.1 MILLION 3D Printing News Briefs: September 6, 2017 3D Printing Platform mything Receives $2.5 Million in Startup Funding 3D printing platform mything secures €2.1 million in pre-launch funding from KaPa Ventures

What's special about shopping on mything?


Have fun with 2D and 3D creations from international designers!

International designers upload their 2D and 3D creations to our platform, so we can always offer you new and trendy items.

You will find the articles in categories like jewelry (rings, bracelets and more), home décor (e.g. wall decorations, table-top items, etc.), accessories (like phone covers or key chains), seasonal and art objects, as well as toys.

But it’s not only important for us to offer an ever-broader range to choose from, but we check every new item if it meets our design standards as well as quality benchmarks of high-class 3D or laser cutting production.

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Choose your local 3d-printing service at mything and support your local community!

mything recommends for each order regional, or even local, manufacturers matching your requirements best.

You get a list of local companies with the best production technique, within your desired price range and matching production time and you simply choose the manufacturer in your area which suits your needs best.

So you benefit from short delivery distances and at the same time actively support your local economy!

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Choose your favorite material and color for your 3D-printed mything!

For each product, mything offers many different materials and colors with a broad price range.

You like an object, but don't want to pay the price of gold or silver? Then try organic or flexible plastic in your favorite color!

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Get yout mything directly from your local 3d-printing service and protect the environment!

As manufacturing of mything objects takes place in your region, no time and money are wasted on long-distance delivery.

You needn't worry that your product maybe was manufactured in a country with lower social or ecological standards.

Due to omission of long delivery channels you get your “mything” not only fast but also pay less for delivery, or even nothing, because often the item can be also picked up directly from the manufacturer.

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Be individual with unique personalized 2D and 3D articles from mything!

Each item is highly individualizable and personalizable. A unique piece made especially for you.

You can choose from dozens of materials and colors and additionally you can write text or place an image on the design.

The chance of finding someone who wears exactly the same bracelet or has the very same ornament at home is almost zero!

For better visualization of the final product we always show you a live rendering by the way.

You can buy it then as easy as you know it from other online shops. But at mything each 2D and 3D article is only produced on demand!

Production according to requirements is not only ecofriendly because it avoids overproduction, but also makes mything an unique shopping experience for you and each object one of a kind.

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Get personalized presents for friends and family in time when you are in a hurry!

The local manufacturing aspect also allows you to order our items when you're in a hurry.

Forgot your best friend's birthday or Valentine's Day?

No problem! Choose a time frame and mything will show you all the laser-cut and 3D printed objects that can be produced and of course

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International 3D jewelry design competition

MY PRECIOUS PLASTICS, our international design competition asked designers to explore the endless possibilities of plastics and 3D printing technologies for creating exceptional jewelry pieces. It was open to designers from around the globe, who are interested in taking a step into the world of 3D printed jewelry.

Our first competition has ended and was a great success with more than 300 submissions from which our jury chose the winners. We want to thank all designers for taking part and again congratulate the winners!


3D printed jewelry


Stria by LACE
Alberto Ghirardello
3D designer | Milan, Italy

I founded my own design studio in 2013 and my main interest lies on designing new objects which can be realized with 3D printing technologies. mything gives me the chance to focus on what I love.I simply upload my files, the rest is none of my business. I don’t need to invest any time or money in marketing or sales, but automatically get a credit note from mything as soon as customers ordered my designs. È fantastico!

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Erwin Nekuda
Laser cut manufacturer | Salzburg, Austria

I think the concept of mything is great! They‘re offering international designersa chance to share their work and giving customers a broad variety of objects to choose from, while at the same time giving small and medium, local manufacturers like us the opportunity to add a revenue stream to their business.I define the prices and get orders which suit my technical equipment forwarded by the platform. A perfect solution for me!

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