Design service - Submit your design idea

Apart from offering you to choose from our vast range of designs we also provide you the option to send us your design ideas that we are more than happy to bring to life.

4 simple steps to bring your design idea to life:

1.) Sketch

We accept your design idea as a simple sketch. Please tell us what you need in terms of size and quantity, or even ask for customizations and we'll figure out the details for you.

2.) 3D model

Based on your design idea we will create a unique 3D model that brings your sketch to life as a three dimensional product.

You are then able to choose from our extensive material and color selection to make your design the way you want it to be. Optionally, let us know of any customizations that you may need.

3.) Prototype / Adaptions

There are times when it takes a couple of iterations before your design idea becomes the perfect 3D product. We will guide you through the process of possible adaptions for your design.

4.) Final product

Hurray! Your design idea was converted to a unique, real life 3D product! It was produced based on your selected material and color, including any optional customizations.

We will carefully ship your precious design product to your home as fast as possible.

Usually, the process to finalize a sketch and create the corresponding 3D model can take a couple of iterations. Then, depending on the product size and material chosen the printing process might take a few hours up to a of couple days. If requested, optional post-processing such as coloring or assembly might add a day or two. In general, expect roughly a week to create a unique 3D product. Also note that any consecutive order takes far less time since we already have your 3D model ready to start from.

We will keep you informed at all times about the status of your order using the e-mail provided in the form.

Submit your design idea