About us

mything is the marketplace for international, customizable design to be locally 3D printed and laser-cutted at manufacturers in your area!

Currently goods are mainly produced centrally and shipped around the world to customers. This comes with a lot of costs (transport, stock) and additional pollution.

mything will change this!

In future only the 3D data of these goods will be transferred around the world. The production itself will happen locally by a producer close to you. This leads to much lower cost, shorter delivery times, less pollution and waste of material and – very important – results in local value creation.

For this vision there is the need for a single online marketplace, this is the reason why we’ve created mything.com.

The portfolio of mything starts with categories like jewelry and accessories for your home and office as well as seasonal objects. Here the benefits of local 3D printing, like speed and customization are especially relevant, but we will offer more categories to you soon. This journey just started!


As you can see, we have a little "BETA" tag beside our logo on the top. This does not mean it‘s not safe to order at mything or that the platform is not fully functional. But there are still some features we‘re working on which will be added for your convenience and we hope you bear with us in case you stumble over a minor bug.

Please always feel free to let us know immediately if something doesn‘t work properly or you‘re not satisfied with your experience at mything.com. We appreciate any constructive criticism you send to support@mything.com!

The team of mything with CEO Florian Mott and CTO Matthias Kerstner.