Shipping conditions

How does the shipping work?

Once the manufacturer has accepted your order mything supplies him with the relevant data. If the order is to be shipped we inform the manufacturer of your name and address. If the item is to be collected, the manufacturer is given your name and the billing address for the invoice. In exceptional cases we may also provide the manufacturer with your email address and telephone number in order to ensure a smooth processing of your order (e.g. for further inquiries and support). Finally, your chosen manufacturer then sends you your mything using a carrier or you pick it up at directly at the manufacturer when pick-up was selected.

How long does production and shipping take?

The shipping time depends on various factors (manufacturer, material, carrier, etc.). Thus, we already show you the estimated shipping date during the checkout process, as well as continuously inform you about your order’s progress status after placing your order.

How much is shipping?

The shipping costs vary (mostly) depending on the manufacturer chosen and are based on your shipping address.

As of now, we ship within Austria and more countries are to be added in the near future.